Lehrbuch der Kirchengeschichte, German, by Joh. Ph. Koehler, hardcover
Northwestern Publishing House, Milwaukee, WI, 1917

The History of the Wisconsin Synod, English, by Joh. Ph. Koehler
Introduction by Leigh D. Jordahl, tr. by Karl Koehler, hardcover
Sentinel Printing Company, Sauk River, MN, 1981 and 2004

Karl Koehler’s Children’s Christmas Service (deluxe color edition)

The Story of Salvation, by Shirley Springer, with illustrations by Schnorr von Carolsfeld.
Volume 1 $15

Volume 2 $20

Volume 3 $20

A New Song, hymnal by John Springer, hard cover, 332 hymns.

Karl Koehler’s Bible Study Outlines, 4 booklets

“A New Musical Offering,” piano improvisations on chorales for the church year with interludes from Bach’s “Unaccompanied Cello Suites,” CD, Joel Hensel with Eleanor Cox

“Piano Accompaniment for Household Worship,” CD, Joel Hensel

Faith-Life Searchable Digital Archive from 1928-2016, DVD

To order bound volumes (1928-32, 1933-37, 1938-43, 1944-48, 1949-53, 1954-58, 1959-63, 1964-68, 1969-73, 1974-78, 1979-83, 1984-88, 1989-93):

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